Ability to automate ALM syncs using Anaplan API

Ability to automate ALM syncs using Anaplan API

A description of the enhancement requested:
The user would like to be able to automate ALM synchronization through the use of Anaplan connect scripts.

An example of the enhancement:
We have 12 models to synchronize one at a time. We'd like to be able to run a script which would sync all of these with the click of a button.

A story for why they want the enhancement (specifically how would it help their business process:
The whole process of manually synching the 12 models is fastidious (click twice on next, then preview then unselect "take offline" then apply, wait and confirm) and most of all is not particularly critical. An automatization would greatly improve the perception of the application for us.

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This should also be coupled with the ability to schedule a specific time and date for the automated synch.

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Highly required at Lululemon: They have 15 different test models corresponding to 15 different situations and configuration of the model. Fixing 1 bug and manually syncing to 15 models is unsustainable. Please consider this as a high priority. Thank you


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I have a client that wants to automate creating a revision tag via an API....vs. having to manually do it daily.  Anyone done that before?

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Indeed a very useful usecase. especially when dealing with huge number of models. Please consider this as a high priority. Thank you


Great idea. I upvoted this one.


Ideally, the sync would be an action we create in Anaplan and we execute the action like we do with all other actions through the API:

Some nuances though when we build the action:

  • Ability to generate the revision tags - naming convention - maybe formula based but should definitely have some time or date stamp on it if the Today() function ever becomes available.
  • Ability to sync to one or more production models
  • Status codes to ensure sync was successful.
  • Now that we have a begin ALM sync transaction in the history, maybe a default rollback flag in case the sync is unsuccessful. 
  • Flag to put production offline or leave it online. while sync is taking place.

Please release this feature as soon as possible, it is very time consuming activity today to push same change into multiple models.

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I have to agree that this is very useful. We just had a client as about this. @JaredDolich love the idea of a standardized naming convention for the revision tags. I agree it should follow the same conventions we have for creating an action so you can automate via an ETL tool or via Cloudworks. 

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I noticed that this is now tagged as On the Roadmap.  Do you know when it might be released?





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Hi all - as part of the recent platform updates the first set of ALM APIs have gone live. You can view the API documentation here: https://almapi.docs.apiary.io

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Status changed to: Delivered