Ability to change Pivot in Google Sheets Add-on

Ability to change Pivot in Google Sheets Add-on

The Google Sheets add-on doesn't let us change the dimensions in the Pivot when setting up the connection, unlike the Excel add-in. We need to create custom views in the model to be able to pull the data in the format we want. This is a big deterrent towards adoption of the Google Sheets add-in and restricts the self-service ability.

This is contrary to what is stated in - "Optionally, if you've selected a module, drag dimensions to pivot dimensions in the connection".

Ref Support Case No: 00333700

We would appreciate if this is addressed at the earliest as Customers are keen to use the add-on.

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We have removed the page on Anapedia which had been published by mistake. I can confirm that this functionality is not available at the moment in the add-on. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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