Ability to disable commenting on a card/grid

Ability to disable commenting on a card/grid

As a Page Builder, I shoud have the ability to disable "COMMENT" feature on a card/grid so as to view all the comments for a context at once in Comment section.

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Hi @shabbiraa please could you elaborate on your idea so I can better understand? 


Is it that you'd like to disabled commenting for a card so you can view all comments on a page (in this case there being one single thread for the page, instead of per card)? Or would you expect to see all comment threads for a particular context on a page?


Alternatively, is it that you need to see all comments for the children of a parent context in a hierarchical list?


Emily - Product Manager, Collaboration

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Hi @EmilyJ I am requesting to provide an ability for Page Builder to disable commenting feature from cards on a page. Please find below an example.


If there are 5 cards on a page, i would like to disable commenting ability from 4 cards so all comments are made on 1 card and viewed together in comments panel.