Ability to exclude time dimension from an export

Ability to exclude time dimension from an export

A description of the enhancement requested:
When you export a module, in the Labels tab you have the option to remove any labels for a list dimension on rows and therefore effectively remove it from the export. This cannot be done with time and the customer would like it to be.

A story for why they want the enhancement (specifically how would it help their business process):
Saves the customer a lot of time when dealing with exports based on time ranges

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Status changed to: Under Investigation
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Hi @Rebecca ,


Im facing the issue that is mentionned above. Is the subject still "Under investigation"?

Currently, I cannot remove the time dimension that is used in the source module from the Labels Tab.


I have to create an export (From Anaplan) that should be then imported in another system. But the "Time" fields create a reject during this import task.


Many thanks for your reply 🙂

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We also have a use case where this would be helpful.