Ability to have sets of tabs opened at login

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Ability to have sets of tabs opened at login

Dear Anaplan support,


My community is using Anaplan a lot now.


Currently, we can only choose one dashboard as "Home"


Given that Anaplan expires quickly, we currently need to reopen the same dashboards several times in a day upon logging in.


I'd like to have the UX improved by giving users the possibility to have a set of dashboards that open automatically at login.

If they can have several sets to choose from depending on the year period, it would be even greater.


Thanks a lot



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Robin F
New Contributor

I can see that jason.howard created a similar request

"Restore Open Dashboards and Modules Tabs when Model is closed accidentialy (or due to login timeout)"


I think the two requests complement each other.

How should we manage them?