Ability to import archived model to a different workspace

We would like the ability to import a copy of a model that is archived in one workspace to another one of our workspaces. Right now, to get at an archived copy of one of our production models, we have to archive the current live model, bring back the copy, import over to another workspace, re-archive the copy, and bring back the production model. This is time consuming and prevents users from being able to use the production model during this time. 


It would be very helpful if we could import a copy directly to another workspace without having to archive the production model. We are working with a 90GB model in one case so having a workspace large enough for two copies is not an option.

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The ability to import an archived model to a different workspace would be helpful.

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Definitely recommended change and would be helpful if Anaplan team can look into this.

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We have the same issue, this would definitely valuable feature for those of use who have models with >50% of workspace allowance

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This would be great to have!

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Yes, i would also wanted to ask the same question, since i have created a lot of modules in one environment and know that access is about to end & i need all my modules in different workspace .


Can someone please help in this.




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