Ability to import archived model to a different workspace

Ability to import archived model to a different workspace

We would like the ability to import a copy of a model that is archived in one workspace to another one of our workspaces. Right now, to get at an archived copy of one of our production models, we have to archive the current live model, bring back the copy, import over to another workspace, re-archive the copy, and bring back the production model. This is time consuming and prevents users from being able to use the production model during this time. 


It would be very helpful if we could import a copy directly to another workspace without having to archive the production model. We are working with a 90GB model in one case so having a workspace large enough for two copies is not an option.

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The ability to import an archived model to a different workspace would be helpful.

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Definitely recommended change and would be helpful if Anaplan team can look into this.

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We have the same issue, this would definitely valuable feature for those of use who have models with >50% of workspace allowance


This would be great to have!

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Yes, i would also wanted to ask the same question, since i have created a lot of modules in one environment and know that access is about to end & i need all my modules in different workspace .


Can someone please help in this.




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In my case, this would be useful because I am trying to pull up an archived Production version to compare with our live Production model to investigate some variances. 

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Could we add the ability to pull up an archived model from one workspace to another


This is definitely an issue with us.  Archiving a live model removes the history so when we bring it back it is less useful to the end users.

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Please add the ability to copy archived models from one workspace to another without bringing it online. Sometime we don't have enough space to bring it online so would be great to move it to another workspace to bring it online. Also, this feature would enable clients and partner with self-serve option for managing archived models. 

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I vote for this idea. We recently had a need to bring up an archived of production copy online to investigate moving numbers in the live production model. However, the production workspace is not big enough to hold both models. With this ability, we can import the model to another workspace.

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Either being able to import a Model across workspaces from an archived state.

Current process for investigation:

  1. Liberate space by archiving Production model in productive workspace (business interruption!)
  2. Unarchive backup
  3. Investigate or copy backup into another workspace for investigation
  4. Archive Backup
  5. Restore Production Model.



Being able to Import-and-Archive (backup) across workspace in one step.

Current process to be repeated each time a backup is to be made across workspaces:

  1. Liberate space to accommodate copy of Production Model in archive/test workspace.
  2. Import production model for backup.
  3. Archive backup.
  4. Optionally bring back any test models that were archived to make room.

Either would significantly reduce manual labour and end-user disruption in connection with making backups and investigating.


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This is a big issue for us and this change would be incredibly useful. 

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I would add to this the ability to either move ALL or a selection of models from one workspace to another.  This is very handy when clients are re-organising workspaces and need to do bulk movements of standard, deployed, and/or archived models from 1 WS to another instead of doing them one at a time which is very time consuming.

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Hi all, as this was raised back in 2019 and it's been under investigation ever since, would it be possible to get an update from the product team re: its roadmap ? @Rebecca and @Miran would you be able to help ? 

From an operations point of view this is quite significant.....We have a global deployment with big models and we have specific workspaces where we store daily backups. We often need to restore these and we have challenges in finding the archived models, accessing them (think about admin access issues for joiners and leavers) and then needing to move models in other workspaces due to workspace sizing issues    


In addition to the good comments above I would like to know if it's possible to :

> edit users to archived models. Maybe it's not technically possible

> enhance the features of model maintenance with search, multiple selection, etc 


Generally speaking I feel models maintenance and ALM deployment facilities should really be enhanced as they didn't keep up with the rest of the products.