Ability to include a timestamp on exported XLS files

Ability to include a timestamp on exported XLS files

Description of the enhancement required:

Date Time Stamp as data field in the exported file (accurate to DDMMYYYY HHMMSS)


An example of the enhancement:
Formula which captures the current system time at time of export would be highly appreciated.

How would it help the business process:
The customer server would be able to distinguish between exports taken at 4:05pm and 5:23pm of same day without having to check the properties of file.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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Additional Requests:

- For a tenant, allow WSA to define a default time zone

- Have an option to enable exporting a file with the datetime appended to the name


I'd personally prefer the more sortable YYYYMMDD HHMMSS suffix akin to how my phone saves photos, but it would simply be nice to have a few choices available. 

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Hello, could someone please kindly provide an update on this? Our users think it would be very valuable as well. Thank you!