Ability to integrate with CI tools

Ability to integrate with CI tools

While Anaplan is great as a simple development platform, it lacks Continuous Integration-related features as a full-fledged development platform.
There are many excellent CI tools in the world, and they are very effective in improving development efficiency and maintaining quality.


Specifically, if it becomes possible to easily acquire Model Archive, ALM Sync with API, and execute regression test for New UX, the cycle of "test, backup, deployment" will be automated.

This way of thinking is very important for using Anaplan with Enterprise. With these functions, it will be easier to implement Anaplan in parallel with the enterprise core system like SAP, and Anaplan will be able to withstand large-scale development.

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I believe there is another idea requesting alm to be available in the api.


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Anaplan has brought a new tool called Cloudworks and this tool may help us to Connect with External Applications easily. Currently it works only for AWS S3 but expecting more shortly.

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