Ability to mark a NUX app as "Favourite" to access it directly from Home Page

Ability to mark a NUX app as "Favourite" to access it directly from Home Page

Just like the feature/ability to mark a page as "Favourite", there should be a feature to mark an app also as "Favourite". This will help model builders/users to

  • Access an app directly from Home Page instead of searching through long list of apps under Apps section
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Great suggestion, I am missing that option too.


Hi @LeighRomeo , @davewaller 


Could you please look into this request as i believe it is important for Model Builders working on different apps at once?


Also, i happen to notice that usually recently visited pages show up on Home Page. However, this doesn't work for Apps. Please look into this as well.

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And while they're at it... maybe pages too. Having end users being able to favourite their important pages would be great.


Hi @andrewtye ,

thanks for the comments. We can already mark a page as favourite & view the same on Anaplan Home Page.


Login to Anaplan -> Open an app -> you would find a star icon/button towards right against each page

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Hi @shabbiraa@andrewtye and @filip.sypniewski

Thanks for providing feedback. Currently, users can favourite pages and models. The favourite star appears when a user hovers over a page or model. 

We are extending this functionality and favouriting apps is on our roadmap for this year. 

Thank you!



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Status changed to: On Roadmap
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Glad to see that this is now on the roadmap! Thank you! 


Hi @davewaller @EmilyJ @LeighRomeo 


Is there a delivery date for above request?

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Hi @shabbiraa this is currently targeted for early 2022.