Ability to reset to default view of page

Ability to reset to default view of page


As an end user, I want to be able to reset my view of a page back to the page's default settings, so that I can ensure that I'm looking at the page the way it was intended by my build team. It will also make it easier to compare what I'm looking at with my colleagues for analysis, or with my build team while debugging issues. 


Example of Enhancement:

Ideally, there would be a "Reset View" link or button on a page that resets my view. I will know that I am successful when I have the same view as when I open the page in either incongnito mode or by clearing my cookies/cache.



While using a page, there are a number of elements that I can customize in my view, including: pivots, filters, context selections, showing/hiding specific items. I may make changes to a number of these items, and it is hard to tell what I've customized. I would like to just reset everything back to the defaults.



I can achieve the result by clearing my cookies/cache. However, this impacts my saved settings for the entire Anaplan experience, whereas I only want to do this on a page by page basis as needed.




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I am also facing a similar situation while resetting all the filters applied on different grids of a worksheet. We can see two grids in a worksheet and can apply Anaplan's inbuilt filters on their columns individually. After applying those filters, if I want to reset to my default view, it takes four clicks:- Click Filter icon, click remover all filters and doing it again for the other grid.

There should be a universal Reset button which reset the page's view to the default view.

Thanks @ryan_kohn for adding this idea.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap