Action button adds entry to child production/numbered list when parent is empty/non-production list

When using ALM, when I have a production list that is also a numbered list, but where the parent is a non-production list, if I create an action button that is designed to add an entry to the child numbered list, Anaplan will not let me add to the child list if there are no existing entries under the non production parent list. Since the action button is directly related to the child and not the parent list, it should not matter whether there are existing entries under the parent or not.  Rather, Anaplan should allow the button to work as designed and to add an entry to the child list. The workaround is to add a dummy entry to the parent list, but that is not  possible if I do not know which parents have entries and which do not.  Either way, the action button should work as designed and add to the child production/numbered list regardless if there are entries under the non-production parent or not.

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