Add Codes to Modules

Add Codes to Modules


Add unique system generated codes to modules/lists/actions/dashboards that cannot be changed.


Allow for easier documentation of modules/lists/actions/dashboards by referring to system code. As codes do not change, references will stay valid even if names change.

I imagine that unique codes already exist for each object. Indeed, actions have codes associated to them however these are only accessible via the API and not exposed to model builders via the standard Anaplan UI. 

Certified Master Anaplanner

Definitely want to add a code/ technical ID to modules.


However, it would be changeable (as with module name) and would be useable in formulas.

It would also mean that we would be able to get rid of technical IDs used in current module names, which would make syntax cleaner and the system easier to read.

Occasional Contributor

Another vote for this functionality, this would make documentation/identification much simpler.