Add Versions as a native option for a line item/property format.

Add Versions as a native option for a line item/property format.

Description of the enhancement required:

Version as a format


An example of the enhancement:

When uploading a planning file (budget, Q1 forecast, Q2 forecast) from excel, a number of identifiers for my transactions are uploaded as text and later on in the transactions module turned into line items based on a list so I can easily create a SUM formula. However, I was not able to indicate version as a format, while this is part of the identifier of my transaction (as it could be budget, Q1 forecast, Q2 forecast).


How would it help the business process:

I want to be able to identify line items as version format, as this would enable me to set up a transactions module without having to take the versions in the module as a list and hence would reduce sparsity tremendously.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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Would be very helpful, if the that formatted line item could be used as a dimensional reference for Lookup formulas.

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Would be most useful if versions could be used like standard lists in modules (format in line items, lookup, use versions properties in formulas...).

Currently quite a significant rework needs to be done to workaround versions dimension limits.

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It should also solve the problem with referencing across versions without using the hardcoded SELECT formula. This would save a lot of model builder or model administrator frustration. Is there an update from Anaplan side? I see it's since more than two years on the future roadmap...

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This will be a very welcome feature