Add a simple formula builder to the platform



I believe this would be a very impactful tool for model builders and power users. The idea is to help write or verify a formula. In its most basic form, the tool would auto-indent formulas just like in an app like xcode:



         X = Y





               LOOKUP : LineItem




              SUM : LineItem



A little version of that is already available in the drill-down functionality. In fact, I tell clients to use the drill-down functionality to check their formulas. If only the basic indentation of the drill-down menu would appear when you re-open the formula input field, already this would be a big improvement. Then if colors are added, it would make it even better. I suspect, doing this may require a level of syntax check as you enter the formula. This would go hand in hand with several other requests to check the syntax before submitting a formula, one of which is already on the roadmap:


A sort of formula builder that helps you structure a formula, analyze an existing large formula, and check the syntax would save a lot of time.


There are a few browser plug-ins circulating, to help with basic indentation of IF statements, which highlights the need for such a tool.


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Love this suggestion @Ari !

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We are looking at what we can do in this area!

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There is a third-party chrome plugin available made by a french consulting company. I fully agree that this should be incorporated into the platform but untill that is the case the chrome plugin really works for me. It includes indentation and color coding and even fills your formulas (when you start typing). You can find it on: 

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Can I just re-iterate that this plug-in is not officially supported

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