Add preview view and customisation options for exporting dashboards to PDF

Add preview view and customisation options for exporting dashboards to PDF

The ideal scenario would be to have an interactive "export dashboard" dialogue box, allowing users to make basic layout changes to PDF exports of dashboards.


With this, a user could preview the PDF before export, and make basic layout changes such as changing column widths (or just bringing the column widths already set in the dashboard), adding page breaks and changing the order of modules/charts in the exports (I'm thinking a simple drag and drop solution).


An administrator could lock these settings as a default for users to export a dashboard in this way and you could create actions to export the dashboard in PDF to a dashboard itself (I've seen a number of posts and received comments from clients about users having difficulty locating the export button) - these export actions could also then be automated and be accessible via Anaplan Connect/Anaplan API.


Overall, I believe these changes would vastly improve Anaplan's ability to provide executive level reports - the current settings make it very difficult to build meaningful reports for export that are easy to view and result in a lot of extra work to manipulate information that is already available!


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