Adjust Column Widths in Blueprint Mode

Adjust Column Widths in Blueprint Mode

Being able to adjust column widths in Blueprint mode would be great. Rather than having to open an 'Applies to' menu, format menu, or copy and paste notes, and formula references, it would be great to adjust column widths in the blueprint mode.


Alternatively, it would be helpful to have a "view" window or cell (similar to data view on a module) that shows all formula references, or the full string of a format, applies to, etc.

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Completely agree with this.  I'm trying to find out what list format is being used for a specific line item and there is no way for me to know, as the list name is longer than what is visible in blueprint mode, and I'm in a deployed model so I can't double click into the cell to see it that way.  Copying and pasting to excel doesn't show me the name of the list either.


This would be helpful!!