Administration needs holistic view of all users with access to tenant workspaces

Administration needs holistic view of all users with access to tenant workspaces

Description of the enhancement required:

I’d like to be able to view and admin all the users that belong to any of my company's workspaces in one area. I believe this is the intent of the tenant administration panel but due to possible design flaws (or technical bugs), I’m not able to see accounts that belong to any other client account.

An example of the enhancement:

For the non accounts with access to my company's workspaces, these accounts should also be visible on the "Users" page.

A story for why you want the enhancement, (how would it help you business process):

In order to audit our user access controls, a full overview of user access across workspaces would give the overview we need. Otherwise, as we grow with Anaplan and more workspaces are created, it will be difficult to represent a full overview and we’ll need to introduce a manual process for each workspaces in order to see the real full overview of users.

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Really need this functionality! Seems to me, not being able to truly see ALL the users kind of defeats the purpose of this page. Also this was already brought up in a different request but the ability to export the list is so needed. It will make documentation for SOX compliance so much easier.

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Hi - same need to have clarity with growing models for several customers. Also the requirement to manage roles of the spoke models into one tenant environment, to have one view of roles & ie align/link it to the customers active directory

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Having this feature to see all users onboarded in tenant is a miust. Else the whole purpose of USers option in the tenant is not met.

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