Align Search in Anapedia and Community

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Align Search in Anapedia and Community

Sometimes, I still find myself in the situation to check something in Anapedia, even after many years with the platform. Since Anapedia got its facelift a couple of months ago, the search function has become fairly useless. I was hoping that this will be aligned again with the search function in the Community... but it hasn't.


Today, during a meeting, I tried to find the documentation for the Anaplan Power Bi Connector. Starting from the Community, it generally takes less than 1 minute to get to the article. Starting from Anapedia, the search provides you with a lot of unnecessary items if you are not very careful with the spelling (PowerBI vs Power BI). Most of the found / highlighted items are also single comments within random community conversations. There is also no filtering possibility. 


As an user of Anapedia, I want use the search function like the one in the Anaplan Community so that I can get quickly to the necessary information.