Allow Version Switchover Date to be changed in a Deployed model.

Description of the enhancement: 

Allow Version Switchover Date to be changed in a Deployed model.


An example of the enhancement:

Users could select if they'd like their Switchover Date to be viewed as Structural data or Production data. 


A story for why they want the enhancement: 

1) Versions can only be updated through the LCM process, as in it is not able to be marked as a Production list or not. This is going to cause some potentially large issues for us particularly around switchover.


2) The Switchover Date is considered "Structural" and thus cannot be updated in the Prod model either manually or via an action. Based on ALM, we will have to make the change in our Dev environment and then sync it to Prod. This means that a team member will have to sync the models every weekend. 

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
New Contributor

I would like to nominate this issue to be added to the roadmap.  It is cumbersome and sometime ill-timed to have to deploy your development model for what could be described as a user admin action in production.  Please escalate.

Certified Master Anaplanner

This is very helpful option. Please prioritize this case.

New Contributor

Would love to see this change made to the platform.

It woul remove alot of complexity from our workspace & model management processes that currently exist,

Occasional Contributor

Just adding on to try and get this moved up. Switchover is useful for FP&A and many other use case involving a monthly forecast and Actuals. Without this enhancement, it is more difficult and cumbersome to release enhancements to planning components of a CONNECTED model when the Business requires something as simple updating actuals/forecast for the month.

New Contributor

This definitely useful, be great to see implemented

New Contributor

idem "This definitely useful, be great to see implemented"


Looking forward for it 

Certified Master Anaplanner

I work with several customers where this would be a highly welcomed feature!

New Contributor

This would be very useful for us and would remove complexity that we now have.

Certified Master Anaplanner

This feels like a bug.  This change needs to be instituted as soon as possible as a fix and not just considered an enhancement.  Not only is it inconvenient but opens any model that uses switchover dates to unnecessary potential risks.  Please escalate.

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