Allow dashboard buttons to have the same text

Allow dashboard buttons to have the same text

A description of the enhancement required:
We are looking for a way to add buttons that have the same name. This is not currently possible because an Action has the same name as its 'Button Text'.


An example of the enhancement:
This could be to add a 'Name' field in the Actions > New Action dialog. This, as opposed to 'Button Text', would populate the names in the list of actions. Consequently, this would allow users to users to create buttons that have the same 'Button Text' but can have different actions as their underlying ID's (name) would be different.


A story for why the enhancement is required (specifically, how would it aid the business process):
As an example, I could have several buttons throughout my dashboards that have the same name ('Add Product') but have different actions (adding products to different lists). This would allow models to look cleaner as I wouldn't have to uniquely identify each button.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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In the New User Experience (UX), we will allow you to customize the name displayed in the buttons that are added to the pages.

Status changed to: On Roadmap