Allow for a "does not contain" filter option

Anaplan allows for filtering based on text contained in a line item. I would also like to be able to filter on "does not contain", similar to Excel.

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When filtering, I would like the option of 'Not Contains'.  We have Contains, Blank, Not Blank, Equals, etc but if you want to filter out one value you have to select contains for a lot of values sometimes

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Description of the enhancement required:
Need a new operand available for the Filter functionality for Text formatted columns. We currently have an option for “Contains”, which is a case insensitive search for the string value defined. However, we do not have an option that covers “Does Not Contain”, which would be a means to omit a case insensitive string. To accomplish this in the current system, the client must add multiple “is not equal to” lines to cover each case.

An example of the enhancement:
If you create a filter on a module on a subclass field and need to omit any rows that have either “BOXER", “Boxer", or “boxer" set for the subclass value, then we could leverage the “Does Not Contain” operand, so we would be able to omit any case of “boxer" with a single filter definition:

Module: Subclass -> Does Not Contain -> boxer

A story for why you want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process):
We currently have the ability to leverage “Contains” as an operand in the Filters menu which allows you to filter on a case insensitive string for Text formatted columns. However, we also need the ability to go in the other direction, similar to how we have “is equal to” and “is not equal to” as options, we have a need to be able to filter using contains in both scenarios. In order to work around this limitation, builders must include a filter row for each case using “is not equal to”, so not ideal from a model maintenance standpoint.

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