Allow for line item subset to be more than just number formatted


Description of the enhancement required:

Line Item Subsets are often used to build filter modules, as an alternative to using the Show/Hide functionality. Using a Boolean against a Line Item Subset on a filter module makes it very easy to select which columns should be shown or hidden on a dashboard.


An example of the enhancement:
It would be great if you could add Line Items of all formats (not just number) to a Line Item Subset for this purpose. Perhaps you could utilize the Line Item Subset type field to setup certain Line Item Subsets to allow both number/non-number formats.

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The restriction that the format is the same across all line items in a line item subset should apply only if a COLLECT() formula is used.

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I totally understand the constraints of COLLECT() function.

But why COLLECT() should work only on NUMERIC linet items ? Why do not apply the summary property of non-numeric Line items ( ANY for boolean, FIRSTNONBLANK for boolean. texts , etc..)


In the below discussion there is also other reason that line-items subsets could be used also for non-numeric line items: create a dynamic filter to show-hide line-items in dashboard:





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Hi Alex,

COLLECT() could work on any line item subset where all line items in the subset are of the same semantic* type. The summary type of the source line item would be used where applicable.

* Semantic type adds more detail to the datatype where applicable, i.e. which list, or which period granularity.
e.g. a line item formatted as list A has datatype 'List', and semantic type 'List: A'.


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Thanks Dan for explanation. 


However, my first goal into accepting in line items subset the non-numerical formatted line-items was to be able to create a system to dynamically show-hide columns  in a dashboard, similar with grouping columns from Excel and not to be able to use the COLLECT() function. 🙂


Now this can be done only for numeric line-items creating a separate module with the subset and boolean line-items, but I think it would be really cool to have it also for non-numeric line-items


For me it would be acceptable that for non-numeric line-items selected in a subset, if used in a module with COLLECT() function, to receive the result 0 or null or 'NaN'.


What do you think ?







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We could use this in cases where COLLECT() is not used

  • Version Formulae
  • DCA on line items (commonly requested since DCA was launched)
  • Used for mapping with LOOKUP and SUM to map between lists members and line items


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DavidSmith I know that now you are a part of Core team, so I hope the development will be speed up multiply times..


This feature is "Must have" one. 

Collect() function shouldn't disable the functionality of whole model.

There are a lot of situations when LIS is used without Collect() 

For example it's neccesary for dashboard design.


Last status change was  ‎07-18-2018 12:26 PM to: Concidered for future roadmap. It was practicaly year and a half ago.

Whas is actual status for this idea?


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