Allow for .svg images to be published to a dashboard

Allow for .svg images to be published to a dashboard

Description of the enhancement required:
Allow .svg file extensions for image files when publishing image URLs to dashboards.

An example of the enhancement:
This page includes an array of logos, about 20% are in .svg format.
MIT’s logo, for example, is only available at that site as .svg.

A story for why the enhancement is required, (how would it help the business process):
Currently, Anaplan allows only .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif file extensions when image URLs are published to dashboards. Many sites use .svg files for company logos, especially and Many logos are only freely available in .svg format. Modern browsers used by Anaplan customers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) support display of .svg vector graphics images. If Anaplan did not throw an error message when publishing .svg files, users could make use of those.

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As part of the new UX we want to include an image card. This may not be in the initial version but when we add it, we will look to add svg as a supported image type.

Status changed to: On Roadmap
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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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are .svg images still on Anaplans roadmap for Image cards? any updates since 2019?