Allow graphs to include more than 200 data points or columns

Allow graphs to include more than 200 data points or columns

Description of the enhancement required Currently Anaplan only allows 200 data points or columns on a graph, part of our Anaplan deployment assesses a day in 5 minute intervals which involves 288 data points in a day. This means customer can’t show a whole day on one graph. They can split the day across two graphs however inconsistencies can occur such as the two graphs having different scales.
A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process) If the limit were to be increased we could fit all necessary data on a single graph, avoiding confusion and preventing any errors in set up if the dashboards are not configured correctly. See Sample screenshot attached for reference.
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As part of the new UI we are looking to increase the number of series supported on a chart to 400. This means a daily chart will be supported.

Status changed to: On Roadmap
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@AnaplanIdeas , does that mean the classic UI will stay limited to 200?

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@AnaplanIdeas: yea we have a requirement to have 365 days on a classic chart, can this be done there as well?


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The chart series limit has been increased to 400 in the New UX to support a daily series across a full year.

Status changed to: Delivered