Allow history export to be limited on hours

Allow history export to be limited on hours

As a model builder and auditor I would like to limit the history export on 'hours' to enable a more precise search in the history log.


This is particularly important for our Data Hub where a 'Last 24 hours' selection creates a 4 GB log file. Excel can't handle that, so it requires analytical tools like Tableau or Spotfire to open and analyse it. A filter on the Last 1 hour, 2 hours etc. would make it easier. Particularly because you mostly know the time frame that a certain incident happened.Capture.PNG


An even better solution would be of course to have proper audit tooling integrated in Anaplan.

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I love this idea! I had recently bumped into this problem on a Data Hub model which is updated daily

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We're working on using the history export as a saved action for a customer, and would greatly benefit from being able to limit the export to an hour time frame rather than day.