Allow "Show All Columns" and other grid options to be turned on / off globally by role

It is pretty common that I need to publish a module to a dashboard to show data as "Read Only".


While I can turn off the "Open Source Module" option for a grid, any user can still right-click and select "Show all columns" to see all line items if they choose.  And worse this function is not something an Admin can prevent.


So in order to prevent unwanted user access to the source data, as a workaround I typically create a read-only module (taking up more space) that house the specific line items I want shown on the dashboard that all simply point back to the source module. This would all be unnecessary if an Admin could disable users' ability to "Show All Columns".  


Much like my feature request to have the "Open Source Module" function controlled globally by role, this too should allow control by Admin at the role level, meaning I could allow certain roles to show all columns, and restrict it for other roles.

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