Apply DCA by User Group/Role

Apply DCA by User Group/Role

The ability to have user specific DCA is great as it allows fine grain control of line items/modules without add dimensions to them, but...

As we are dealing with large models with increasing number of users the DCA modules themselves can become very large thousands of users by thousands of CC plus maybe a few other dimensions.

Often the user level is too granular and it would be useful to be able group users that have the same level of access. New User groups functionality or leverage the existing roles.


users 1-100 (group 1) can write line a and read line item b
users 101-200 (group 2) can write line item b and read line item a

Currently this would take 400 cells, if we had groups it could be done in 4

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Presumably having the ability to dimension by user profile and then as Anaplan knows what you should be it then displays accordingly? Could get around this by having a fake user profile listing and then a completely separate module with user as dimension and linking it all together using lookups.


The idea is to avoid having the dimension the module by user completely.  I can and do build simple management module link to user level DCA module but when you have 1000s of users and a few dimensions the modules get big and aren't efficient as many users have the same settings 

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