Assign Action that does not have the ability to remove the assignment

The assign action provides a great UX for a user to assign a list item to be the numbered list child of another list.  In T&Q Use Cases, this can be used to assign accounts to reps.  The downside of this action however, is that in the UI, there is a "<" that allows you to remove an account from the rep and thus from that numbered list completely.  This causes downstream impacts with integrations (especially delta integrations) as the record is now gone from Anaplan completely and Anaplan thus cannot communicate to downstream systems to delete this record.  My idea is to just have the option on an assign action to have it be "Assign & Unassign" or just "Assign".  If just assign, this would work very similar to the "Copy to Numbered List" action that is available today in some workspaces.



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