Assign actions in NUX

Assign actions in NUX

Ability to use the "Assign" action in New UX

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This button is useful when promo functionality is to be developed, for example. If we don't have it in New UX, we won't have a possibility to use New UX for these dashboards. The only way is to create import instead assign button, but it takes more time for development and much less user-friendly. 

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It's not the same as assign but I would check out forms within the new ux. It provides a nice popup for adding to a list and populating line items within a specific module and list properties if applicable. You can add or edit current forms in the "Configure Actions" menu. 






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I think the issue is that you need to be able to add multiple items rather than single items as you currently do with a form if we could make the form be able to add multiple items then totally agree that forms are much better than the current classic way of adding items to a list.

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Agreed! This functionality similar to the Assign Action has to be in the NUX.

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