Bold and Italic formats for line items content

Bold and Italic formats for line items content

It'd be helpful to have a Bold and Italic fonts in the Line Item Format tab. That could improve user experince and highlight most important information in the module on the dashboard.

That is more related to the Numbers or Text in the cells, not to the line item name style

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I find myself needing this too!


Maybe could be added as a conditional formatting option?


As it is now the conditional formatting lets you fill cells, would it be possible / easier to add the options to also format the text inside the cell based on a numeric cell?


So the users story would go something like this: I need to have the option within conditional formatting to choose between Fill, bold or italic. When selecting bold or italic then the value scale (currently used for the color pallet) should ask just for one value input, which will act as turning point for the format (for example, when the selected "base value" is below 0 then use normal text formatting, when is equal or greater to zero then turn to the format option selected).


This way it would be possible to implement a logic to format individual items or cells, summaries, parent hierarchies.. etc



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