Brackets in the drill-down view

Brackets in the drill-down view

Hey there, 


When I drill down into a formula, some brackets disappear and get replaced by tabulation, I suppose. 

It would be great if we could still see those brackets because if you copy the formula and use for another calculation, you might end up with something totally different because of missing brackets

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Not sure exactly if the missing brackets in formula drill down view is done on purpose ... but as you mentioned this does makes it a little harder to notice there is some element in there that you should watch out for.


They also disappear the moment you add brackets in the formula editing mode and press apply. 


I would be for either explanation what is the reasoning behind or forcing it to appear if you use those.


Personally I used them to make the reading a little easier for myself. As the moment I see a bracket in front of a long if then else if then else statement I know exactly where it ends 😉 )


+1 from me