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COMMUNITY: Enhance the automated emails for new activity

I would like to suggest two upgrades to the email notifications that are sent when someone posts in Community groups that you are following. Currently, the email tells you the group, thread, Community member, and time stamp but it does not actually provide any insight to the content being posted. Adding the content to the post would allow you to review the post directly from your email before determining if you would like to log into Community to interact with the post. I would also suggest adding an "Unsubscribe from Post" option so that you can manage the email traffic you receive. At times there are some very active threads that may not apply to an individuals needs/interests. Thanks for the consideration.
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This is possible now

under your profile settings





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Thanks @DavidSmith! That was helpful to address the content issue! On the unsubscribing front, is there a way to unsubscribe from just the replies to a specific thread (for a group which you follow)?
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Yes, the second picture allows specific threads within a group to be "unfollowed"

You don't need to unsubscribe from the whole group


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As @DavidSmith shared here, these ideas are available with some quick adjustments to your Community settings. These are not the default setting, but can be turned on using the screenshots provided by David. Thank you!

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