CPX Pricing Info

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CPX Pricing Info

When I log into Anaplan and see my list of models, I think it would be good to have a banner on the top, side, or bottom of the screen that advertises early bird pricing with the cutoff date and perhaps offers free Keynote passes for CPX.


Driving awareness and creating noise around the event is a big deal and this would be low hanging fruit.


As an employee, I want the event to succeed. As an Anaplan user, I want to see the event succeed and get as many minds and as much experience on the ground in SF as possible.

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As a customer, I disagree with this. I want to use the tool as the tool, not receive Anaplan's event marketing information. I get that information in my work inbox already. Maybe show it on the Frontdoor, but not on the Tiles screen where I'm trying to access my Anaplan models.

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I am against this as well. We do not need spam in the software. They can utilize the Anaplan website or email marketing in leui.