Change colors to company colors in graphs / Flexible definition of colors with RGB codes

Change colors to company colors in graphs / Flexible definition of colors with RGB codes

Be able to adjust to thecolor of graphs to corporate designs

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Hopefully, enhanced corporate identity will be touching custom color palettes (charts, texts, items) and our new "Home" experience as well! 

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Would be good enough to even have the classic colour palette as found that to be sufficient previously.

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Thanks for logging this request. We are shortly releasing the ability to add your own hex colours on a per chart basis. Longer term we want to add a tenant level palette where you can store you colours centrally but in the interim more flexibility on a per charts basis should allow you to achieve the outcome you are after.

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Would be great to have opportunity to import color codes and get graphes in the company's palette.

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@YuliaL we recently added the ability to load in your own chart colors via hex codes so this is now available. This will be announced in our monthly release blog alongside other updates we have added.

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@sprender  does also include the ability to load your own colors for list item style conditions?  We’re currently limited to a very bright spectrum.

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Hi @sprender , Excellent, I am very glad that we now have the ability to change colors to company colors in graphs, and can flexibly define colors with RGB codes.  

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Users can now add their own HEX colour pallet to charts in the New UX. You can read more about this feature here:

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