Conditional Formatting on Booleans

As a model Builder I would like to use Booleans as a Basis for Conditional formatting. 


For example. I have a Boolean/ Checkbox which indicates that not all fields in a new Item/ setting has been filled. I would like to be able to use that boolean directly instead of reverting to a number. 
The advantage would be to save on workspace size,

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I agree with this request, as a boolean would lend itself nicely to a 2 color formatting rule (eg. true = green, false = blue) and it would avoid having to having to create an essentially duplicate line item (IF bool THEN 1 ELSE 0) solely for the conditional formatting. I have found myself wishing for it often.

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I was just about to request this.  This would be really useful as there are instances where you have to start to create line items with a large cell count to achieve it.


I would suggest that we still need to be able the minumum/mid-point/maximum inputs so that we can have a bit of control over the exact coloiur associated with a true or false. 

I agree with this request. Having to have a dummy line item for such a simple use is a massive waste of space.



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Ditto. I'm sure Booleans are more efficient too.

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