Configuration & Release Management System

Configuration & Release Management System

The Situation

I currently help manage a set of models ranging from Dev, Test, & Production.  Our Production model is live with close to 700 users. We release changes into production on a 2 week cadence but there are times where a fix must be pushed live immediately patching.  


Some new features may take longer to develop 2 weeks, so when is not ready to go live and we need to push other fixes into production, we need a way to prevent half-finished features from being accessed by the user.  For new dashboards this may be as simple as not publishing a button, or turning off role access.  But what about when something model wide is going to change like a formula, or a new table on an existing dashboard that is not easily hidden?


We have tried the following to attempt to solve this ourselves:

* Completely reverse certain changes, push the model into production, rebuild them

* Turn off role access to certain buttons, contents pane access etc.

* Develop a mirrored dashboards with new features etc, test that and then rebuild the dashboard when ready to go live. (same for modules etc.)


The Ask

Anaplan needs a way to designate which parts of a model are to be pushed via ALM and others that are not ready and need to be left out. I realize this is not a simple request, but otherwise it is incredibly difficult to keep from pushing half baked features into production accidentally.  


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