Cookies on Anaplan sites

Cookies on Anaplan sites

Anaplan is a service that is mostly used for official/business purposes and has nothing to do with personal information.

Under such a context, I do not understand why Anaplan has to 'use cookies on users' computers to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, to analyze traffic and to share this information with social media advertising and analytics partners!'

It is understandable why websites do this with personal browsing, but I am not comfortable with a website prying on my data when I am doing official work on an office machine and sharing it with online advertising companies.

Also, I do not see any personalizing that Anaplan needs to do these websites based on my behaviour/usage. 

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@pvijayteja - Thanks for the idea/concern looking into this.  We have reviewed this with the team, and the section in question is still considered personal as this is an account that is in your name.  As the Anaplan community is in its nature considered "Social media", we will be providing a personalized experience when you log in, which may include recommendations for content on the page, training, search content, and more.  We do not currently have any third party advertising being used within Community, but we do use our analytics to drive those recommendations.  As our Community also hosts our Apphub among other features and sections, this also applies to those sections which tie into Anaplan partners.

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Thank you for the clarification Stan! That is very much helpful.

It does make sense to me, especially the fact that this information is not shared with third parties and is used for internal improvements.




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