Copy Across and Down on right click of an inputable cell

Copy Across and Down on right click of an inputable cell

Currently option for an inputable cell when right click are copy, hide, breakback, sort etc.


It would be nice to have the option of Copy Across and Down in dashboards. It is already available on the edit option of the module.



Good suggestion. I upvoted this one, even if at first it starts as a right mouse click option.

We already have the functionality in the module so why not on the dashboard too?

I know you can cut/paste but it's so convenient to have the copy across and copy down.

Assuming you talking about this function here.


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Thank you Jared, that is correct, this is not available on a Dashboard module view, only available after 3 clicks in the module options, which is not very suitable for end users.

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I agree that the copy across function is useful for end users. In the new UX, there is no copy across/down or do I miss it somewhere? Also the copy paste seems to be slow and not smoothly, hopefully it will improve soon

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I'd very much like to see copy right/down added to both the classic dashboards and New UX pages (both boards and worksheets), so long as the page/model builders have the ability to turn off the functionality in grids where it's more dangerous than convenient.  

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   Do we have any work around right now to have the Copy Down / Across in new UX as of now? Kindly let me know.