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If you want to check the settings (users, version, list, etc) you have to be "Workspace Admin". This profile is too large ; writte, delete everything.

I would like to be able to check, for example, the security without be able to change them. Morever, with this new profile, I can display every list, modules wihtout having to manage them to the content.


At the end, it's a part of the Center of Excellence Component, it will be more efficient to secure, manage the platfform withtout a loss of visibility for the business user.


PROD Workspaces

  • IIT admin = Workspace Admin
  • Business Owner = Viewer Workspace Admin

DEV Workspaces : IIT Admin & Business Owner : Workspace Admin.




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I think that a Viewer workspace admin may not be the best solution here, however having more granularity access controls from an Administrator perspective would be beneficial, allowing for roles to have 'Read/Write' controls on Admin features to provide flexibility for support. 

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Hello guys,


Do you have some news about this topic ?




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