Create a "Date Last Modified" column in Modules to let Admins see when line items were last changed

I would like the ability to interrogate when a Module has received changes to specific line items to help in troubleshooting bugs. For example, when someone changes a line item's summary type, or formular, or data type, or name etc. this should ideally change the "Date Last Modified" for that line item.


I could see this "Date Last Modified" column being next to the "Notes" column in the module itself, being a read-only system generated date.  This would be helpful to quickly tell which line items have recently changed when tracing the source of newly discovered bugs.  


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Very helpful in investigating issues.

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In addition I suggest to record the user who last  made a change.

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We would also agree with adding information as to which user made the changes. We also use a software called Prophet at our company and it includes that information (person and date/time of last change) which has been extremely helpful in the past. It would be helpful in Anaplan development as well.

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