Create an Anaplan journey path for "End Users"

Create an Anaplan journey path for "End Users"

As an Anaplan CoE Lead, I am often asked about training for our ~500 end-user base on basic Anaplan Navigation and functionality. I would love to have an "End-User" journey training path of short and easily consumed training courses released that I can point end-users to. I doubt this group of users would spend more than 30 minutes to complete the training, so the course(s) should be concise and cover the following topics at a very high level. 

  • Basic navigation within a model and a NUX app
  • How to pivot published views
  • How to use filters
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nice idea @StaceyBrooks . there should be all the videos as micro-lessons available, just be good to have these all packaged up into one easy to use container. i bet the academy team are already on it!

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+1 this would also be great for any new hires that haven't had much exposure to Anaplan! 

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There is a nice collection of brief micro-lessons focused on end users on this Community page: 
Scroll down and expand the accordions for:
Lessons for Everyone
Lessons for End Users

These are all micro-lessons from the larger Anaplan User Experience course, but end users can easily pick and choose what they want to cover.