Current Date and Time

Current Date and Time

It would be great to have a function to get current date and time. Timezone settings could be common for all users and maintained in the settings section

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Good morning all,

Time stamping will allow better traceability and therefore better quality! Roll on the year 2021 - the year 2020 is to be forgotten - COVID-19!

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what is the status on this item?

It has been on the roadmap for considerable time?


Where are we on this?

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Any update?

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I would like to post an update on, this as I am aware we have not communicated any news on this for a while. We are still planning on implementing a TODAY() type function that will allow the current days date to be returned (with a parameter to specify the timezone). This won't be delivered into production until next year (2022) though. There is a significant amount of complication with this function as it would be the first function whose returned value would change without any other user action. We have chosen to prioritise releasing the Enhanced Calculation Engine (with native support for sparse data sets) before we release the TODAY function next year. 

Status changed to: On Roadmap
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Thanks for that update @david.harding