Current Version included as production data

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Current Version included as production data

I think the new feature of being able to adjust the version settings in a deployed model is great.


I will apologise in advance if I have missed something, but think it would be a good idea if the current version checkbox can also be updated in a production model as this currently feels like a gap. I may want to remove some versions in a dev model that feeds that production model, but would currently need to ensure the current one always remains, and is added should it change.

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We did look at that, but the Current flag can be referenced by ISCURRENTVERSION() and CURRENTVERSION(), which could cause an error on a sync.

We are still thinking of allowing it, but it will need "formula protection" logic (like we have for Production Lists).  From the feedback, Switchover period was the priority, so we kept Current as structural for the time being; we do want to explore versions generally as production data, so that will be a good time to include Current

I hope that helps


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Thanks for the update. I can see the issue that you have there. Definitely makes sense with prioritising what you have done, but good to know it is something that will be considered when possible.

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Interestingly, ISCURRENTVERSION() was OK, as it is a boolean check, but CURRENTVERSION() is a hard reference that we found in testing