Customer admin should be able to control and send email notifications

Description of the enhancement required:

Ability to control when users receive e-mail notifications when granted access and ability to send e-mail to users within a workspace/model with a custom message.


An example of the enhancement:

When a user is granted access, then an e-mail notification is sent on a specified date/time. Also, when a standard message needs to be sent to all or single user within a workspace/model then an e-mail can be sent from within Anaplan.


How would it help the business process:

This enhancement would be beneficial:

* To have control on the timing of e-mail notifications being sent to users to prevent it from being treated like spam
* Grouping notifications together
* Single source for communication

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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We would also like to be able to control the content of the notification. Especially it would be intuitive for the user, if our SSO-url were included. We e.g. also want the notification to refer to the local support contacts to avoid the current standard reference to the central user admin.

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It would be great that we can have this functionality before large roll out!  It would help us to improve UAT test process.  



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