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It would be great if the 'Default File' setting when you import a csv into a module could be automatically set to 'Admins Only' or 'Everyone' instead of 'No (keep private)'. Our company uses an ETL tool to load data into models and if that setting is not changed then it causes errors and we end up with data that is not loaded in on time. We are able to change the setting each time we import, but if it defaulted to 'Admins Only' or 'Everyone' then we would not have to worry about data import issues/errors due to someone forgetting to change it. 



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didnt know that.  Sounds like a good idea


Great Idea! We have run into quite a few data import errors because of this.


Excellent idea! Please implement. 

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I agree that in some cases it will be pretty good to define default file access rules and make it availible for admins to adjust.

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