Delegate kudos for new Ideas/Enhancements

Delegate kudos for new Ideas/Enhancements

As a customer with hundreds of users I would like to be able to influence the prioritization of new ideas/enhancements in the most effective way, without the need of getting every user to vote for a specific idea.


If I understand it correctly a key element for an idea to be considered/prioritized is the number of kudos/votes it receives. If this is still the case I would like to be able to delegate the company votes through a single rep account and easily keep track of my own logged requests through a link accessible from the profile itself.



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This is not planned right now.  The goal of the Idea Exchange is not meant to be only kudos/votes, but also to get more context around ideas from all customers utilizing Anaplan. Totally understand the spirit of the idea, and while we do utilize kudos to help prioritize which ideas are looked at, we definitely take more into account and wouldn't weight an idea heavier for example if 500 kudos all came from the same customer.

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