Delete line item Message

Delete line item Message

Currently if we want to delete a line item, it warns you it will be deleted from the current model.

However, if another line item exists with the same name in a different module, that other one will remain there.

So, it would be less misleading if the message said:


"All data associated to with this current item will be deleted from the current module."


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@sofia_costa  a line-item with the same name but in 2 different modules is not considered as the same "item" in Anaplan. Internally they have 2 different codes. 
In this context, an "item" is considered any element of any list. In a module structure, the line-items are elements (items) of the "special" list of the line-items list of that module. 

It is the same approach if you have the same element name in 2 different lists. 
The same message appears also if you want to delete an element from a list (see below picture).
The same list could be used in more than 1 module.
If an element is deleted, all data from all modules where that list was used are deleted for that element (item). 


The data related to an element (item) can be present in more than 1 module, even for the line-items.
Imagine that you have a line-item subset and you create another module with the line-item subset and in that module, you can input manual data.
When the line-item is deleted in the source module, also the data from the module where the line-item was part of the line-items subset is deleted.


So, I think it is a correct message that all the data is deleted from the current model and not the current module related to that item (element from a list).