Details Pop Up Unnecessary.

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Details Pop Up Unnecessary.

If a partner wants to view a file or download an app, the pop asking for their details currently apears. Could this be turned off based on their sign in?


As a partner I find the white papers, recorded webinars etc very useful personally and am happy to recommend them to clients. This gives me two issues.


Some of the information I can just access. Some of the information can only be accessed after filling in a contact form.


If its something I really want to see I can just fill in nonsense but it would seem simpler and better if it knew I was a partner and just took me straight to the resource.


Also, it would be nice if we could share the resource rather than a link to the resource as it is no use to me if a propect tries to view the resource and has to fill a details form in as they are already my prospect.



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Hey Cliff - We are having a bit of difficulty understanding the request.  Can you clarify what/where you are talking about this behavior occurring?  Is this within the Anaplan platform, inside of Community, Apphub, or somewhere else?  A screenshot if possible would be extremely helpful!  

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