Display Action Notes on the Pop-Up Message, before a Process/Action is Run

Display Action Notes on the Pop-Up Message, before a Process/Action is Run

In the Actions menu, all processes and actions has a text based "Notes" section.  Being very upfront, I honestly didn't even know this section existed until about a few months ago, but I definitely think it can be further leveraged.




It would be great if these notes could appear every time, next to your action, before you hit the "Run" button.  I've always felt that just naming the action was often insufficient for giving the end user full context - this additional detail could help with that.


It's also a good error prevention factor - a user could read the full context of the action and decide not to run the action after being given that information.





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Hi @matthewkuo 

This is a great idea I use the notes everywhere possible and having the ability share more than just the name of action when running a process is really useful because to some users the name doesn't necessarily describe what the actions does. To add to your idea it would be great to be able to switch this functionality on and off as you may sometimes want to hide the notes you've written.



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This would be a great help for users to understand what is going on behind the scenes and not just the sometimes cryptic action names.